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  • The facility is well maintained. The instructor, Tia, was welcoming. The exercises in the Functional Fitness class were well explained and demonstrated.
    By Kerry Brinkman, 27-03-2018
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    No real accountant there. It is a franchise and they hire hourly people to do your taxes with a software available in the market. Same software you can buy and do it by your own if you have some basic knowledge about computer.
    By GREG GAMMON, 26-03-2018
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    I never wrote any complain review before. But this manager has the worst attitude! I tried to have a calm and reasonable conversation. Since she can't give me a properly answer, she tried to end the conversation by humiliat me for no education such as "I don't want to give your a free banking lesson" and "this is Canada, ask any everyone that if we work Saturday" and " keep argue with me about your money cant make you look more reasonable"such and such. I have no clew why she has to be like this. All I want to ask is why the receipt showed $15.81 canadian dollar but my Candian Captail one costco card showed $18.07 canadian dollar. The reason I put canadian dollar is she kept telling me my credit card charged me US dollar and my captail one credit card is US credit card. I applied my card in Costco at Walker road Windsor at 2015. I don't want to say anything about this. oh Beside, I didn't raise my voice even she yelled like a 10 years old girl and walked away and kick me out of the station. ofc she doesn't care, not her money anyway.I will try to never go back to that station again until they change a new manager. Jan 13th. They charged me $18 for a $15(included tax) car wash. and the manager has sht attitude.
    By kerwin, 21-03-2018
  • We were referred to Peter by our financial adviser and it has been a very successful opportunity to secure a mortgage on our second property and then a new mortgage on our home, and now securing us with a new mortgage on another home with great rates that we didn't think were available to us. We not only gained in our mortgages but we definitely gained a new friend in Peter Snelgrove. We found Peter to be very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and most of all he has a great sense of humor. A great pleasure in dealing with someone who isn't going say things that he thinks you want to hear.
    By chris breault, 17-03-2018

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